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Trad Week At The Wolfhound

Come Together for New York’s Most Anticipated Trad Music Festival! Monday Feb 14th – Sunday Feb 20th 2022
Trad Week is an annual tradition at The Wolfhound (38-14 30th Ave, Astoria, Queens, NY) , a full week to celebrate the enduring legacy of traditional Irish music. Musicians and singers are flown in from Ireland to perform all week long.
Monday through Thursday, music is played by musicians gathered around the Session Table. These jam sessions include improvisation as well as entire traditional songs. Musicians are encouraged to join in – this is part of the fun of Trad Week! A lineup is arranged, but we never know who could surprise us with a visit. These sessions are casual and communal, starting at 8pm.
Friday through Sunday, music is performed on the Wolfhound stage, more of a concert. These nights are the culmination of the week. Each show has a set time, and there is a $10 cover charge until midnight.


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