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Irish Government Clarifies Indoor Dining Plans

Photo by Kurisu (Creative Commons)

Previously the Irish government pushed the date for reopening indoor dining back from July 5 to July 19. When this delay was announced, it was accompanied by speculation that customers would have to show proof of immunity to eat or drink inside bars and restaurants. These plans have now been clarified by government officials.


For Vaccinated EU Citizens:


Vaccinated EU citizens will have what is called the “EU Digital Cert”, also known as a “vaccine passport”. They must show this proof of immunization to dine indoors. 


For Vaccinated American and British Citizens:


Proof of vaccination in your native country will suffice. This means that British citizens with an NHS proof of vaccination, or Americans with digital or hard copy proof will be able to dine indoors.


For Unvaccinated People:


If a person recovered from Covid-19 in the past 180 days, or is an unvaccinated minor accompanied by vaccinated parents, they may still dine indoors. Apart from these exceptions, unvaccinated people will not be permitted to dine indoors.


These policies are in effect in the Republic of Ireland only and do not apply to Northern Ireland, where indoor dining is open for all as of now. The government is planning to make sure these policies are followed in all licensed establishments, with fines up to €2,500 for businesses who fail to comply. The government has not confirmed a reopening date, but their intention is to have all the details of how this plan will be executed in time for indoor dining to reopen on July 26.

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